What’s Your One Thing?

“To know ten thousand things, know one well.”

~Miyamoto Musashi

Musashi is, of course, the world’s greatest dueling samurai who had 60ish duels to the death.

He eventually stopped using a real sword because it was too easy.

And he still kept besting opponents.

So he was *really* good in what you could call a “high stake dynamic.”

That means I’m particularly interested in understanding how he thinks.

And that quote reveals a lot.

Here’s what I take from it: once you master one thing, you now have enough experience & context to understand everything else in the world.

Every new topic or area of interest can be interpreted through your mastery of whatever your one thing is.

This has a lot of powerful implications that I’ll dive into later.

But, in the meantime, what do you think it means? I’d really like to know; hit me back with your thoughts about it.

Best thoughts,

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