What the hell does this have to do with sales?


If you’re going into conversations without a firm script or outline (at minimum) what is you even doing?!

Write down questions you think they’re going to ask you.

Then answer them.

Write down the reasons they will give for not signing up.

Then address them.

Write down how you make your clients more money.

Then explain it.

Write down what you do that nobody else does.

Then charge money for it.

Writing is sales. Sales is writing.

Abracadabra the hell out of your sales conversations and you’ll pull money from thin air.

Yet another fantastic demonstration that magic perfected thousands of years before anyone thought to put two and two twogether.

Alright. It’s Saturday. Time to listen to WNCW radio & have a crazy good breakfast with the family.

See you bright and early Monday morning with more ideas on how to get you paid.

Best thoughts,

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