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  • ChatGPT To The Rescue

    ChatGPT To The Rescue

    Awhile back I posted an article on the biggest thing keeping you back from building a sustainable business from your knowledge & experience. It’s essential for identifying this massive roadblock that you may not even know about. This video is step two: how do I get around it? Turns out that ChatGPT is a fantastic…

  • New Member Of The Team

    New Member Of The Team

    Twitter loves posts with images. Whenever I’m sharing a random quip, insight, or quote that comes to mind, I always head over to Unsplash to find a photo that has the right vibe for the tweet. But what happens when I want an illustration? Or a Japanese wood block cut style image of Metroid Prime?…

  • Search For 21st Century Community

    Search For 21st Century Community

    In 2009 I was invited by the U.S. military to perform my mind reading show at 12 bases in South Korea. I jumped at the opportunity. It was a fantastic experience, and I even made a travel vlog DVD (back when those were still a thing). During my tour I had two quick interactions that…