Waste Mind

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” ~Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice

Have you ever seen this quote before?

What do you take it to mean?

Would you agree with it?

I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t endorse this (in 99% of situations).

If you’re trying to learn any skill that’s already been figured out, I think you’re better served by learning from an expert who has “been there, done that, and got a t-shirt.”


Because time is our most precious resource.

And you could spend decades learning things the hard way that thousands of people have already figured out. (Beginner mind)

Or. . .

You could learn the one or two things you need to know in order to be incredible at it from someone else. (Expert mind)

So, if you are looking to be the best at something valuable, which path would you follow?

Disagree with me?

Agree with me?

Never thought about it this way?

I want to know.

Shoot me your take, I’ll read it!

Best thoughts,

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