Viva Las Vegas

Well, the conference is wrapping up.

I had a great time getting to read some minds, make some friends, and connect with some big opportunities at the trade show.

This group was especially fun.

I’m not even halfway through the presentation and they’re asking me if I would speak at their conference & whether I could do workshops for their franchise owners.

I said yes, of course!

It’s incredible what happens when you have fun with your work & focus on making others the star of the show. That’s how you become a business rockstar!

Best thoughts,

PS: Looks like my email setup was expecting me to have something written and sent the email update without the update. I was standing on my feet for 14 hours and didn’t get a chance to get to the keyboard in time to write one. Whoops! Thank you for letting me know that you got a couple weird blank emails; that’s what happened. ::high five::

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