No More Boring Zoom Events!

I guarantee it. Here's how.


My special skill is reaching beyond the screen and connecting with people in an online environment. 

From early internet chat rooms on ICQ in the 90's to Zoom + Microsoft Teams + Skype and other video platforms of today, I've been pro-tech for decades now. Combine this with heavy experience working on national TV projects, I am [literally] world class in front of the lens.

I bring that experience to your event by interviewing you about why you're having the event, who it's for, and what you want them to remember at the end. Then I design a custom experience that delivers your message in a fun, memorable, and meaningful way.

What Do People Think?

"Jonathan's show was entertaining and always a delight. You have to ask yourself how does he do that, but knowing would take the magic out of it. Definitely worth seeing and you will be amazed. Great show!"


"It was a delight to see so much engagement between you and the various audience member after each of the sessions. Additionally, I’ve had several SLLs comment on how it was one of the clear highlights of the Expo and Learning part of the conference. Most mentioned how they appreciated the presentation itself, the dynamic content, especially since both were externally and future-focused…while still organically connecting back to leadership."
BP asked Jonathan Pritchard to speak with their entire executive suite about technology, innovation, and the power of imagination at all levels of corporate management.

BP Executive

"Our survey results showed that he was, hands down, the most highly rated presenter of the entire convention, which included a world famous climatologist, a neurobiologist from U.C. Davis, a world renowned child psychologist from U.C. Berkeley, and many others. I would hire Jonathan again in a heartbeat!"

Sheldon Helms,
National Conference Planner

"This was SUCH a fun event! We organized a group of former colleagues to all be VIPs to the show - and it was SO FUN to watch everyone's facial expressions as Jonathan blew everyone's mind with his master skills! REALLY great show. Best laughs I've had in months. Highly recommend."

Jessica P.

"Extremely entertaining and engaging, very astonishing with a jaw-dropping finale! Jonathan is a true master in his field."


"This show was incredibly enjoyable, and well worth it. I attended this show online due to Covid . If you need something to do during the pandemic, I _highly_ recommend events with Jonathan.

Give this a try. You won't be disappointed."

JR Clarke

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