Ugh. What An Idiot.

Me. I’m the idiot.


This weekend I had an engagement at this incredible resort hidden away in the mountains of North Carolina.

Anytime I travel I like to bring my fancy camera, selfie stick / tripod combo, and shotgun mic to make a vlog / business advice video.

And I brought all of that.

But you know what I didn’t bring?

A memory card.


THAT little doodad was still stuck in my laptop back home from the last batch of videos I made.


Now I had a choice.

I could use my phone to make something.

But it wouldn’t be nearly as good as the quality I’m used to. Would I want to put my name on it & share it with the world.

Probably not.

Or I could just skip making a video altogether and not have anything to worry about.

Fortunately. . .

I didn’t let perfectionism keep me from having fun.

Phone video it is!

So I walked around on property talking to the camera.

Probably looked like this 40 year old dude was walking around taking selfies everywhere.

Whooooooo cares?

I didn’t let the voice in my head saying “You look weird; you should probably stop. This isn’t going to be good” convince me to keep quiet.

And what about you?

Do you keep yourself from making anything because it won’t be “up to standards?” But your standards are so high that nothing you do will be good enough?

What do you do about it?

I’d love to hear how you approach this.

Hit reply and let me know

Best thoughts,

PS: The engagement went great and one lucky person in the room got a copy of my book. Did you know I had a book? Did you know you can use it to entertain your friends with an incredible mind reading demonstration that I’ll teach you? No? You do now!

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