Think Like A Mind Reader Video Course

Way back in 2017 I published a book titled “[think] Like A Mind Reader” and I still get emails from people telling me how much it helped them get out of a rut, understand why they couldn’t get motivated, or even how they used it to get raises at work.

Seeing other people level up because of what I shared? That’s about the best feeling in the world.

And that’s why I started to think about, “What could I share now that wouldn’t fit right in book format?”

A bunch of stuff popped up.

So I put it all in video format.

Sold it for awhile, but soon I realized the people who might get the most out of it are the least likely to fork over money for a solution.


Solution? Make it free. Help people get out of their “only free” rut, then hire me for more expensive problems.

So far, so good!

But I forget to mention it.

Which is why I wanted to fix that egregious oversight.

Hence this email.

It’s 5 videos with illustrations that I put together to help you understand some big ideas that underpin a lot of what it takes to make your dreams a reality.

They’re all available here:

And I think you’ll like them, even if you put them on in the background & don’t watch them with 100% attention, you’ll still get a lot out of them.

Go give them a watch, and let me know what you think.


Best thoughts,

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