The Whole Stack

Hope you had a great Easter; I certainly did.

And now it’s back to the topic at hand: fixing the internet.

If we want new online networks we need new protocols. If we want new protocols we need new servers. If we want new servers we need new programming languages. If we want new programming languages, we need new definitions of what “a computer” even means.

That’s what Urbit is doing. It’s reimagining the internet by redefining all the technology involved from the ground up; taking nothing for granted.

It’s a wildly ambitious project (and I swear this all relates to sales), and we’ll spend this week going over it.

We’ll take a detour tomorrow to talk about the video I’m working on which explains how to make your own encrypted Obsidian note vault & how to sync it across your desktop & laptop without using Google Drive or paying for a service.

Pretty cool.

Stay tuned.

Best thoughts,

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