The Travel Gods Give And They. . .

Last night I had a college Tarot card reading engagement at a castle where I did a seance several years ago.

Yes, that’s really a thing I’ve been doing for ages now. Colleges fly me out to do 4 hours of Tarot card readings for their students.

And do seances.

And mind reading shows.

I could talk about that for hours, but I want to focus on what happened after.

Travel Habits

Since travel tends to be super shifty (read on for more proof), I like to get my hotels on the day-of. I rarely know where I’m going to be with any certainty beyond where I’m being paid to show up.

The Adventure

After last night’s engagement, I book a hotel room by the Philadelphia airport.

I arrive and the front desk person said they were oversold, and the booking system doesn’t know it which is why they took my money but couldn’t give me a room.


So I find another hotel that’s relatively nearby; I get in & get settled around midnight.

And I have a 3am wake up call.

Alarm goes off nice & loud & I’m brought out of a deep sleep where I think I was comparing wallpapers.

Get in the car, drop it off at the rental return, and then get to the terminal.

Where there’s a line that curves back on itself because there are so many people at 3:30am.

TSA pre-check saves the day and I get on the plane for our 5ish take off.

But then something that I noticed at check-in, but didn’t fully think about, is answered.

I saw all the bags piling up next to the conveyor belt.

And the pilot explains it while we’re sitting at the gate 20 minutes past take-off time.

“Hey everyone. The luggage system for the whole airport isn’t working. They’re having to go get our bags by hand. The first bag isn’t onboard yet; we’ll let you know when we know more.”


I tend to make cushy layovers. An hour and a half. Two hours.

My buffer is eaten up before we leave.

We’ll be arriving in Atlanta after my flight home takes off.


So the travel gods say I won’t be getting home around 11am.

The next flight they can get me on is. . . 11pm.

Double woof.

12 hours in Atlanta.

The Delta app tells me to talk with a gate agent, so I find one that isn’t currently swamped.

I say hi. Treat her like a human. Make her laugh.

Standard operating procedure.

Then she says,

“Oh, I can get you on a noon flight. Let me see your license.”

Then she gets hands me a first class ticket.


The Lesson

And now you know why I say “I do the gig for free; I’m being paid to travel.”

And you also understand why I would have easily gone to an airport bar and get hammered a couple years ago. Glad I stopped doing that.

Hope you’re having a perfectly boring Friday; mine has had enough excitement for the both of us!

Best thoughts,

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