The Power Of Light

(a little longer read than usual but not by much, and I think it’s worth the tiny bit more effort)

You’re going to the movies.

You walk into the theater and find your seat.

What you don’t think about (because it’s so obvious) is that you have enough light to see where you’re going.

You’re not groping through the dark. You’re not bouncing off walls. You’re not tripping up the stairs. You’re not flailing around and knocking some guy’s popcorn out of his hands.

You’re simply walking up the stairs.

Looking for the right row… Found it.

Now you’re looking for the right seat… Found it.

Now you sit down & get settled in. You play on your phone for awhile to pass the time. You look up.


The lights went down.

But you weren’t consciously aware of it. All you’re focused on is. . .


ou see the stragglers still coming in.

They can find their way, but it’s a little more difficult.

They might bump into someone. You hear them whisper SORRY! at 90db. They stumble into their seat.

Then the previews are over and the lights go all the way down.

The only light is what’s on the screen.

You are completely focused.

The movie holds your attention for the next 90 minutes straight. (Or maybe 3 hours if you’re a Nolan fan)

Movie’s done.

What happens?

That’s right. You’re reborn into the light. Y

ou stand up; a changed man.

What does all this have to do with business?


Think of your “content marketing game” in terms of light.

Most of your stuff should be generally illuminating; helping people see their way past the obvious stumbling blocks.

Help them see what they should avoid.

Help them see how to get to where they want to be.

Once they’re where YOU want them to be, you can start to turn down the lights on anything that might distract them.

Your message is the only thing that they can see.

THEN, once they’re completely focused on you, you can share the carefully crafted message you’ve put so much energy into.

So be the painter of light.

Play with attention & focus through the words you use, the imagery you choose, and the topics you cover.

You’ll be surprised what you notice once you shine some light on the subject.

Don’t let the people you can help stumble through the dark.

You’re this far already; step inside the theater of your own mind.

I’ll be waiting for you inside.

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