The Persuasion PowerUp Multiplier

If we were playing a video game called “business” then finding this one thing would probably be our major quest.

We’d spend most of the game getting this item because it would make us near-invincible.

When we finally possess it, nothing could stand in our way.

What is it?


That’s it.

Trust is the ultimate power-up in life & business, and it’s tough to have if you don’t care about the other person.

And the easiest way to establish trust with someone is to align

  • your thoughts
  • your words
  • your actions

Doing that is called ‘integrity.’

(It’s no mistake that it’s the same root word as “integrate.”)

When you are entirely focused on helping the person sitting across from you, and dedicated to finding the best solution for them, then you’ll find that they are much more likely to trust you with the truth.

No trust? No truth.

Without truth, there isn’t much hope of persuasion.

That’s why I call it “good persuasion” vs manipulation or coercion.

So how about you?

What are you focused on when you’re on a call?

Are you thinking about what you’re going to say? Are you trying to figure out how to get them to buy? Are you worried about making goal?

Try focusing on them, and see what happens.

Best thoughts,

PS: Did you check out the simple CRM solution using Obsidian that I shared yesterday? Seems to be making the rounds!

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