The Internet Is Way Busted

Urbit Explained

In today’s video, we’re diving deep down the rabbit hole of the net’s intrinsic problems and the ambitious project that promises to fix them all – Urbit. Now, before you hit that ‘x’ button, let me tell you why this is so important.

Remember how Twitter did that rebranding to X and, in an instant, a user lost their million-dollar username? Unsettling, right? That’s because it’s not your server, not your network, and not even your identity. But Urbit, a unique approach to personal servers, offers a solution, aiming to turn the tables on the system.

But to understand its full potential, we need to rewind to the root of our internet issues. From the infinite number of IP addresses causing havoc to the vulnerabilities of centrally controlled databases, let’s break it all down.

No jargon, just plain speak about how this virtual revolution can empower you with an identity that’s truly yours. If you’re itching to bust out of the busted internet, join me on this journey of discovery. Let’s get our hands dirty with Urbit and craft a new internet, where it’s not just your identity, it’s also your freedom.

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