The Art Of Meeting People

I worked at a magic shop inside Universal Studios where I performed 10,000+ shows for tourists all over the world. I started touring in 2008 so I’ve been meeting “single serving friends” for 15 years now. I’ve brought hundreds (if not thousands) of participants on stage with me. I’ve talked with ten’s of thousands of people after presentations in the autograph line.

I know a thing or two about meeting people.

There’s an art to it.

I’ll be recording a video about it tonight & releasing it tomorrow. . .

(What? You think I do these weeks in advance? Not with a one year old kid running around!)

. . .but I wanted to touch on a couple important things here.

Small talk is a beautiful thing. It’s a social dance that tells each party that you know the rules of engagement and therefore can be trusted.

If you’re one of those people who “can’t stand small talk; why don’t we all just talk about important things™” then you’re going to be frustrated. People won’t trust you with their “important thoughts” until you’ve shown them you can be trusted with the small stuff.

So, what would you like to know about meeting people and making a great first impression?

Hit me back by this evening (I record after the baby & wife both go to bed) and I’ll try to address it.

Looking forward to sharing this tomorrow!

Best thoughts,

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