The Altar Of Change

Sometimes your wildest dreams & ambitions demand the ultimate sacrifice:

Everything about how your life is right now.

In your deepest heart of hearts, would you be willing to give up everything you have in order to get what you want?

It’s a steep price.

Lots of people pay it.

I have. A couple times.

Once wasn’t worth it, but there’s no going back after its paid.

No sense in beating myself up over it too badly as long as I learned my lesson.

I like to think I have.

And different behavior is the real test. So far, so good.

Mostly this is a reminder that everything in the universe is an equal exchange of value for value. If not, it’s called a vacuum in physics & stealing in mortality & lying in metaphysics.

Takes a lot of energy to keep any of them going.

So be honest with yourself about the price you’re willing to pay to make your true desires a reality.

Best thoughts,


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