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  • Here’s The Program I Made (With Chat GPT)

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been this impressed. Maybe back when I saw my first Cirque show in Vegas. In 2007. Dang. Chat GPT 4 is sliiiiiiiiiick. Watch the video. Little bit of context. Sometimes I like to memorize decks of cards. Not just the sequence. No, that’s too easy. I want to know it…

  • ChatGPT To The Rescue

    ChatGPT To The Rescue

    Awhile back I posted an article on the biggest thing keeping you back from building a sustainable business from your knowledge & experience. It’s essential for identifying this massive roadblock that you may not even know about. This video is step two: how do I get around it? Turns out that ChatGPT is a fantastic…

  • Pitch Deck Doctor

    Pitch Deck Doctor

    When you’re pitching investors, the world is on the line. It’s the definition of high stake business, and Jonathan outlines his work helping tech entrepreneurs.