Get you booking corporate events + speaking engagements for money that has a comma in it while maintaining your current job security.


Work together in a video conference, email, & text capacity at a pace that suits your schedule + bandwidth. Ideally we should limit it to 3 months to make sure we have a clear target for success. This could be a week-long on-site intensive workshop, but we’ll draw it out. If you’d like to continue an ongoing accountability / coaching dynamic beyond 3 months, we can talk about that then.


We will cover:

  • How to find the right companies
  • How to find the right person at a company
  • How to explain what you do in corporate-speak
  • How to design a corporate-appropriate experience
  • How to organize a website that makes clients say yes
  • How to charge real money & negotiate for higher fees
  • How to plan & execute promo video + photos for maximum impact


The whole game plan + guidance for $5000 (Book one engagement and it’s free.)


Let me know how you want to handle payment. Two options: We can do all at once for $5000 +tax or over 3 months at $1700 +tax x3.

$5000 One Time

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$1700 x3

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In the case of option 2, if final payment is delayed, a 10% evaluation will be added each week that passes until payment processes.