Effective Soft Skills 101

While the world of business is more and more automated, the soft skills of building genuine human relationships continue to be essential for success.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas

What would you do if your CEO punched the corporate entertainer that you booked? This is not a hypothetical question. It is something that actually happened. It's a story that a client of mine told me about one of the first events she ever planned where she went with the cheap option. Only later did […]

What Is A Mentalist?

The short answer: A mentalist is a type of magician who has specialized in the art of mind reading tricks. The long answer: A mentalist is someone who is fascinated by the way that the human mind works. They are dedicated to understanding the far-reaching implications of unlocking the fundamental mental processes that guide our […]

Books By Jonathan

I was excited to read this book when I ordered it but I never expected it to have the immediate, positive, impact on my life that it did! The author clearly poured his heart into this book with the genuine intention of helping others. It is an easy read and anyone that reads it can […]

Inspiring Corporate Speaker

Your ability to lead, influence, or persuade is the result of one skill: how well you CONNECT. Since the dawn of time, man has struggled to understand the fundamental forces that control our lives. In pre-history there were Shamans who could see into the chaos and bring order to the world. Today, that role has fallen […]

Under A Lot of Pressure

At work your boss is constantly riding you. At home, your spouse is constantly nagging you. Seems like everywhere you look, everyone is expecting too much from you. It feels like you're at the bottom of the pool and you're about to drown. You’re under a lot of pressure. Truth be told, you wish it […]

Cross My Palm With Silver

Ever gotten great advice, but then didn't listen to it? Have you shared great insights with someone and then they completely ignore you? Why does that happen? It's good to know whether you're a coach, a client, or anyone else looking to make change. We look to the wisdom of the gypsies for answers.

Make Better Decisions

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it." Charles R. Swindoll Whether it's figuring out whether to take the job offer or not, who to date, where to go to school, or what to have for dinner, every day is full of choices. The quality […]

How Do You Motivate Employees (& Yourself)?

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Rewards Extrinsic rewards are physical objects or tangible benefits bestowed by an outside agency (like winning a trophy or a gold medal). Intrinsic rewards are the feelings & emotions accompanying an activity for its own merit (like the feeling of accomplishment at the top of Mt. Everest). There are thousands of ways employers have […]


ABOUT JONATHAN Whether it's for corporate events, keynote speaking, charity fundraisers, conference MCing, trade shows, or hospitality suites, Fortune 500 companies hire Jonathan. He helps connect audiences with his client's company in a fun, memorable, and meaningful way. If you're looking for an 'off Broadway' level comedy mind reading show, public speaker, or motivational speaker […]
A painting of Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard in the old world magic poster style.







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