Running 36 Miles & Writing A Book

They’re the same thing.

Ask me how I know.

*Jonathan whispers “ask me how I know” in a weird voice*

Glad you asked!

This was yeaaaaaaars ago.

My best friend Ben & I were exactly the same height, same weight, and build.

And we ran everywhere.

(Neither of us had car.)

One day he says, “Hey, let’s run to [the next town over] tomorrow.”

Cool. Let’s do it.

Next day we start early.

Hijinks ensue.

We take the back way to avoid the highway.

Turns out to add a bunch of miles.

Did I mention we didn’t really think this through?

One of our friends (who had a car) passed by us, turned around, and asked if we needed a ride. (We passed.)

We tried cutting through a field near the end that turned out to be nothing but briars and thorns.

About 8 hours after we started we got to our goal.

At least we thought through it that much.

Both of us were torn up, bleeding, and more than a little sore.

And I’d rather do that again as an in-shape-adjacent 40 year old man than write another book.

(I don’t really mean that. I can tell because I’ve written a couple books and I’ve only done that run once as a suuuuuper fit 17 year old kid. But the sentiment is there.)

Writing a book is a much longer slog than I expected. It goes easier if you have a good system of organizing your thoughts into the most persuasive order possible.

And what’s cool is that the same process can help write a short note like this, an article, an e-course, books, video scripts, and beyond.

It’s at the heart of the “Recognized Genius” system that helps people become the ‘thought leader’ of their industry, break into new verticals, change careers, and more.

I’ll share more about that soon. For now, though, I’m focused on starting my “Close Any Sale” training cohort.

There are several folks interested, and we’re almost full-up. So, if you’d like to learn how to. . . close any sale (it’s kind of built into the title, right?) then hit reply and let me know. I’ll get you details.

For now, I’m going to get back to wrangling this 1 year old that’s been running back and forth this whole time. . .

Best thoughts,

PS: Want to check out my books? You can do that here.

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