RESPONSE REQUESTED: Podcast guest wishlist

Gooooooooood morning; the coffee’s extra strong this morning so I’m typing extra fast.

Typos be damned.

Down to business.

If your favorite mind reader extraordinaire were to pick the brains of the most interesting people on the planet, who would you want me, I mean, him to talk to?


I’ve gone through several podcasts over the years. I think my first one was called “A Life Well Designed” and it was fun.

I’ve also had “Mind Reader University,” “Elite University,” “Symbols & Secrets,” and maybe another couple that I’ve forgotten about.

I love the conversations, but it’s a real pain in the brainstem to find & schedule guests. It’s a function of their calendar, my travel schedule, and the rigors of “publishing consistently.”

So I’m not going to do that anymore.

I’m going wild with it.

I’ll do interviews.

I’ll do just-me episodes where I’m sharing stories from the stage & boardrooms.

I’ll talk about business.

I’ll talk about martial arts.

I’ll talk about anything & everything that I’m interested in.

(Which is a LOT)

In short, it’ll be a lot like my YouTube video essays, but sometimes I’ll bring on big thinkers.

So, who would you like that to be?

Think big. Think famous. I can probably get them on the show.

Heck, I had Art Bell the founder of Comedy Central on one of my previous podcasts.

(But it would help if you have an in. . .)

So, this podcast will be whatever I want, published whenever I want, with whatever format I feel like using for that episode.

But the main focus is to keep it interesting, above all else.

Best thoughts,

PS: What do you think the title should be?

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