Recognized Genius Question

What’s the thing that you are incredibly good at, that could help a lot of people solve valuable problems?

Do lots of people know that you can do that?

Do they know you can do that for them?

I’m asking because it seems like most people I talk to have something like that, but they’re frustrated because nobody seems to come to them about it.

So my idea is if you knew how to get “the marketplace” to see you as the go-to expert in your area of expertise, then you’d be over the moon happy because people are coming to you because they know you’re their best option for solving [expensive problem that you can help them with].

I think this is the perfect balance of motivational psychology, decision-making science, branding, marketing, sales, persuasion, and on down the list of “mindset skills” it goes.

In short; my zone of genius!

So, if you needed help becoming the go-to genius of your world, what part of that puzzle do you need the most help with?

I’m all ears.

Best thoughts,

PS: this might spin off into a whole e-course, podcast, and video series. . . What do you think?

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