Primary Energy Employee Appreciation

June or July, 2021

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being a part of our Employee Appreciation Event! I am in awe of your ability to control and engage an audience in the ways that you do. Everyone truly enjoyed you and I am grateful that you were able to accommodate us.

Debra J,

VP Ronald McDonald House

After Dinner Entertainment
A 45 to 60 minute show designed to involve, engage, and entertain your employees. My focus is on making them the star of the show, helping them have a great time, and have something to talk about for weeks afterwards.
Soft skills happen at the personal level
My Job
Show up early, be easy to work with, have a great time, and make the company look like a million bucks. If I say or do anything before, during, or after the engagement that doesn't line up with your expectations, then you get your money back. Guaranteed.

Pricing & Retainer

$3000 all inclusive

OPTION 1: Two Payments

Reserve the date with 50% of the amount today. The remainder is due on the date of the event, before the event begins. If payment is unavailable before the event, a 10% late processing fee is rolled in for each additional week until payment is completed.

OPTION 2: One Payment

Many clients find it easier on the billing department if they just do it all in one transaction instead of breaking it up into two payments. This also guarantees the date is yours, and that I'll be there for the event. This also ensures there is no chance of a late surcharge due to bill 60 terms or processing.
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