Persuasion As Garnish

I’m going to mix metaphors here, but you’ll be able to stick with me.

Imagine you’re on an airplane.

How would someone influence you to drink cranberry juice?

Maybe you were going to drink it already.

Maybe you like cranberry juice.

Maybe you never drink it.

Depending on how you’re feeling that day, it might be near-impossible to get you to order cranberry juice on the flight.

It’s too much too late.

Probably never going to happen.

What happens, then, if there’s a national campaign about how awesome cranberry juice and it goes on for years?

You better believe that more people will be ordering it.

Most people think persuasion is garnish when it’s more like planning the whole dinner party.

It’s a much bigger framework than what’s happening right now.

It’s the years & months of planning and small elements adding up to big effects.

Expand your time horizon and you increase your chances of success.

Best thoughts,

PS: Got milk?

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