Only Makes Sense After The Fact

The problem with problem solving is that the answer is obvious AFTER you figured it out.

And then we humans have selective amnesia when it comes to remembering how difficult & frustrating the problem truly is.

(I made a whole video about this, and how it holds you back as a consultant.)

So let’s rewind a little bit to look at how we can find answers when they’re still hiding from us.

Turns out that magicians are fantastic when it comes to creative problem solving.

Diversion: I like to call it non-linear problem solving because most people get hung up on “oh, I’m not creative.” Like the only way creativity could possibly be a thing is if it’s tied to the end of a paintbrush. Non-linear means that the shortest path may not be a straight line; it might need to go from 1 to 4 to 2 to 3 and you’re where you need to be.

A magician’s whole job is to come up with weird & wonderful methods to accomplish the impossible. They do this by understanding the fundamental variable in common with every challenge: the human mind.

Once you crack that code, then you have access to techniques you’ve never dreamt possible.

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “cracked mind” Pritchard

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