On the Value Of NFTs, VR Worlds, Digital Paintings, and Other Strange Interests

Over the years I’ve dreaded one question more than any other:

“So, Jonathan, what do you do?”

It’s a nightmare because my interests, my time, and my work takes me around the world and across multiple bleeding edges of technologies and trends.

Case in point.

Just moments ago I got out of an invite only silent auction of NFTs built on the RavenCoin and Ethereum blockchains.

The event was hosted in a Virtual Reality world called “CryptoVoxels.” The auction software that handled the bids was code written by an associate of mine using the Hoon computer language.

All the projects have a very peculiar venn diagram overlap that only a handful of people in the world fall into.

I’m one of those people!

Many of these elements are now hitting international awareness, and it’s fun seeing so many people wake up to things I’ve been working on for awhile already.

I’ve been making NFT artwork for a little over 2 years. I’ve built my own art gallery in CryptoVoxels and exhibited my digital portraits there (where many have been bought on the Ethereum network).

I also was the first in the world to code a mind reading demonstration using the coding language Hoon. The “trick” would only work for others who can read Hoon, and were actively looking at the way I wrote the program. A general user would notice nothing while another coder would be absolutely amazed and befuddled at what they were seeing in real time.

So you can see why I find it difficult to explain my “job title” as I am brought in by the best in the world when they need a new perspective and innovative strategies to solve their “impossible” problems.

The massive benefit from all these strange interests is that I have world class experience that absolutely cannot be duplicated, and my clients understand its value in helping their sales, research teams, leadership, and all other departments “think outside the box” a little easier.

So, if you are looking for breakthrough systems to train your teams in soft skills, creativity, innovation, information architecture for pitch decks, or anything else where your company connects with people (which is all of it) then we should talk!

~Jonathan Pritchard

PS: Read this article on CryptoArtwork 101 and this article on NFTs 101 if you’re interested to know more from an easy to understand level!

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