Objection, your honor.

Ugh. I can hear it. Another “but I’m a special snowflake and here’s why I’m not a writer” excuse thinly veiled as a legit reason.

Here it is: “Jonathan, I talk. I don’t write.”

Yeah? And?

I’m a talker too.

I get paid to talk.

and you know what I do?

Write it all down before I say it so I can figure out the best way to say it in the safety of my own imagination before I have to say it for real.

I learned how to do this in high school.

I was a competitive debater. I was in the National Forensics League.

And I don’t like to brag, because it makes me a HUGE nerd, but I maxed out the points I could get for Lincoln-Douglas debate. *

pushes up the glasses (that I don’t wear) to emphasize the point*

Most of my Saturdays were spent arguing with other nerds about stuff like whether or not we should have the death penalty.

Light topics like that.

What did I do before going into the first round for each new topic?

Organize my thoughts. Also called “writing shit down so I can get a handle on it.”

That’s why I say everything is a writing problem.

Figure out how to write better, and everything gets better.

And it’s especially useful if you’re “not a writer.”

You can write 100 versions of your idea before committing it to video when you record your next YouTube video.


  1. Write it a bunch.
  2. Say it once.
  3. Profit

There you go.

Another excuse bites the dust.

Get to writing why dontcha?

Best thoughts,

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