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Twitter loves posts with images. Whenever I’m sharing a random quip, insight, or quote that comes to mind, I always head over to Unsplash to find a photo that has the right vibe for the tweet.

But what happens when I want an illustration? Or a Japanese wood block cut style image of Metroid Prime?


Not too long ago I heard about this project on Twitter when people started sharing all sorts of weird genre mashups & strange images that were clearly not man-made, but way too cool to be some kind of crappy computer generated thing.

Turns out it’s a badass computer-generated thing.

After hours of going down the rabbit hole I learned that I could try it out if I joined the MidJourney Discord.

(Easy. I already have a Discord account for my private “ZAVANT Squad” community that’s NFT-gated. If you’re interested, go here to learn more.)

The researchers plugged their badass image-making thingy into their Discord server so that anybody can interact with whatever demon lives in their computers, and ask it to give you any kind of image you want.

In fact, the featured image for this article is from MidJourney.

Pretty cool.


You get 25 requests and then you’re out. Pay up.

I blew through my freebies pretty quickly asking it to give me random nostalgia images like Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow high fiving, spaceships, new year’s wizards. Medieval Batman. The usual.

I even asked it to “/imagine logo letter z corporate 8k wealthy trustworthy black white” and this is what it gave me:

That instantly became the server image on my private Discord.

Once I realized it can do anything I wanted it to do everything.

So I bought an annual subscription right there.

This is about the same time that I’m figuring out how to NFT-gate everything under the sun (read this for some background & to see another MidJourney featured image.) so I ask it to give me a portal to represent my hyper-dimensional art project “Dimension Z.” Boom. Done.

Then I asked it to give me a shard of black glass to use as the featured image for a magician-only project I’m releasing soon. Boom. Double done.

I’m using both as the images tied to the membership NFTs that I created.


With MidJourney I have instant access to any kind of image I need for my social media, articles, NFTs, and whatever else I can imagine up.

And that’s the secret: the results are limited only by the imagination of the person asking for the images.

Pretty cool.

Combine this image-making capacity with the word-writing capacity of ChatGPT (article coming soon about that, too), and one person (me) can realize their vision more quickly & more completely than ever before.


Want to try it out? I’ve integrated the MidJourney demon bot into my private Discord. All you have to do is pick up a ZAVANT Squad membership, and then you can join up & try out your 25 free generations.

See you on the inside!

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