My Favorite Question

Somewhere along the line I remember hearing:

“The harder it is to explain your line of work, the more money you make.”

~Somebody somewhere sometime probably

I don’t think it’s true in 100% of cases, but I find it more true than not.

Which brings me to how I explain what in the world I do & how I do it.

I answer the “what do you do?” question with a . . . question.

“If you could genuinely (and ethically) read minds, how would you make your life better?”

~Jonathan Pritchard, on planes & in coffee shops the world over

So I ask you. Seriously think through it.

And focus on the good. You don’t get out of this so easily!

It’s really a different way of asking where communication is lacking & identifying what areas of your life where you feel like you’re not communicating your value to/with the world.

THAT is what I help people do. That’s what lights me up. That’s what “reading minds” is all about.

So, let me know. What would you do if you could read minds? Maybe I can help.

Best thoughts,

PS: the Chat GPT video I posted yesterday is doing really well (for my tiny channel). Happy to see that people are checking out what’s possible right now, today. If you’re even half way curious about what all the buzz is about, or you think it’s probably overblown, I’d really recommend you watch my video to see what it did for me, then give it a go yourself.

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