MultiMedia Genius

Behold! A sculpture of an artist’s palette!

(thanks to MidJourney for this abomination)

When you look at many of the most accomplished & famous (not always those two in the same person) artists, you’ll find out that this painter dabbled in sculpture, and that sculptor dabbled in music.

It’s a hallmark of mastery; the willingness to explore ideas in whatever form they might take.

And that goes for you, too.

If you want to be a recognized genius (and you do), then I say you should be comfortable creating awesome work in a variety of formats.

Be a good writer. Make kick ass videos. Show your face. Hide yourself. Start a podcast.

Sure, you should stay in your lane.

And that lane should cross major highways, rural roads, go over & through cities, and anywhere else you want to go.

But if you had to focus on one to get started?

I’d say writing.

And that’s coming from someone with an art degree who makes his living with live performance.

It is what it is.

Best thoughts, ~Jonathan

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