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An email by any other name…

I’ve called it the “Secret Email Society.” The “Life Mastery Business Update.” The “Jonny Zavant Fan Club.”

But nothing felt right.

Until now.

Welcome to “Brain Candy.”

My intent is to share interesting ideas, tips, tricks, stories from the road, etc that are all focused around applied psychology & helping people leverage the power of technology.

And if you’re wondering where in the world I got that illustration: MidJourney.

It’s a text-to-image AI service that I wrote about back in January. It’s fantastic and I can’t live without it now.

There’s a second “Brain Candy” image in the running & I’ll use it soon. Then you can tell me which one you like more!

Hope you have a good weekend, and I’ll catch you later.

Secret Email Society

Receive secret transmissions (emails) with psychology-powered tips, tricks, and stories about making the most out of life & business. Sent on most weekdays.
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