More Important Than You Thought

My wife told me that there are lots of people on TikTok talking about “Shadow Work.”

That instantly makes me think it’s silly.

But the thing is; it’s really important.

Even if the only people talking about it are “Mars is in retrograde” folks.

So I wanted to explain what it is & why it’s important from the perspective of someone who has been studying the mind for more than 3 decades.

That video launches today at 1pm eastern time; you can watch the premiere with me then.

In the meantime, have you done intentional shadow work? Have you ever heard of it before? How’d it go for you?

If you haven’t, then I’m pretty sure you’ve borked things at work & in your relationships that 100% felt like they were someone else’s fault when it was you sabotaging yourself.

That’s why it’s so important to get right.

Would love to hear your story about it.

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “reclaim your shadow” Pritchard

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