Make Your Mark

I had a show Friday night, and I got an honest-to-goodness green room / dressing room (with amazing lighting; hence the selfie)!

I love the tradition of signing the wall.

If you have a production, then you gotta put your mark on there.

This particular dressing room is about an hour outside Des Moines Iowa, and I happened to find something interersting:

Mike Super is a phenomenal (and yes that’s an inside joke. If you get it, congrats! You’re a magic nerd) magician.

We first met back in 2008ish, and he signed this brick about 7 years before that.

What a delightful bit of serendipity.

I sent him this picture at 1am after I was done packing up the show & got back to the hotel (for a 3 hour nap before getting up at 4 for my flight).

So, what’s the lesson? What’s the takeaway?

You have to make your mark on the world if you want those moments of serendipity.

If you choose to stay quiet, not create anything, and keep everything you know locked up in your mind, how then are people supposed to see it (even 22 years later!).

And that’s the second lesson.

You don’t know how long it will take for the right person to find your work, but you’re making sure they can never find it if you don’t create anything.

So get out there and sign the wall.

Best thoughts, ~Jonathan

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