Know Your Script

How about we retire “walk & chew bubble gum” and replace it with “juggle fire & entertain people.”

I learned how to do just that when I was 13 years old.

Here’s an old photo from that summer:

Yes, my parents were aware.

Randall, (the guy who taught me) had been a professional entertainer for decades & he showed me every tip, trick, and technique I needed to know.

At first I needed my full focus on juggling.

Eventually I got good at it, and needed very little conscious focus on it.

That freed me up to focus on what I was saying to the audience.

And at that point, Randall taught me his whole act.

Every word, every pause, every inflection.

I practiced until I could do the whole thing in my sleep.

Now I could juggle & kid around with people without it looking like I was working hard.

But everything was pre-planned.

And it’s only because it was pre-planned & practiced to perfection that I could make it look like “we were just having fun here.”

This is the secret!

In Sales

There are ways to talk about what you do that are more effective than other ways of talking about it.

So why do you leave it up to chance?

Why are you saying something different this time compared to the others when you signed business?

Every word you say that isn’t scripted out means you have to spend effort figuring it out in the moment.

And that’s when you drop the ball. . . or torch as the case may be.

If you or your team resists having a sales script “because I don’t want to sound scripted” then you’re losing business.

The answer is not to wing it. It’s to get so familiar with the script that you can say it in your sleep while walking, chewing bubble gum, and juggling fire.

If you’re not there (yet) then we should talk! I’d love to help you build the most effective way of talking about what you do so you get more high quality clients.

Hit reply to this email or shoot me a note; can’t wait to hear from you.

Best thoughts,

PS: I got this response to this week’s video and it means the world to me:

“Even after healing from the traumatizing ADHD childhood full of: “you have so much potential” I’m really appreciative of views like this Jon.”


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