It’s A Hit!

1,400+ views on my Chat GPT 4 video in under 24 hours. That’s a new record for me.

And I’ve gotten a lot of DMs, emails, and comments from people who had no idea it could do stuff like that.

Exactly why I do this! I love helping people recognize their creative potential with new tools.

The next thing on my list is explaining how to make a personal library / database of notes that synchronizes across your laptops & desktops so you can use it on all your computers while also being heavily encrypted (so people can’t snoop even if they get ahold of your computer).

ALSO I haven’t forgotten about “here’s why the internet sucks” series we were working through. I got a little distracted by this GPT thing. We’ll get back to exploring a better internet soon.

In the meantime I’ll continue writing a book about doing Tarot readings. Yes, really.

Lots to talk about!

Best thoughts,

PS: If you didn’t see the video I’m talking about, you can check it out here:

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