It Works Like Magic

“It works like magic” is one of those sayings that makes me chuckle.

That’s because the meaning of the message is exactly the opposite of what the content says.

Magic has a steep learning curve.

One tiny detail out of place and it doesn’t work.

Say the wrong word? Have your pinky 3mm out of place?

No good.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and focused practice to make it ‘look like magic.’

I like to keep this in mind anytime my inner critic speaks up with any version of “it’s easy for them!”

It only looks easy from the outside. There’s no way for me to know how much time & effort they’ve put in.

And even if it IS easy for them. Who cares?!

They have their own path to walk. If I keep looking at where they’re going, I’m probably going to trip over something in my own way.

Speaking of, the plane is about to take off so I better wrap this up.

I’m heading to Mobile Alabama for an engagement tonight where I get to chat with dozens of college students about their hopes, dreams, and concerns.

The less I focus on me, and stay present for them, the better it goes.

(Another good lesson there, too.)

Best thoughts,

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