Is Urbit Even Real?

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In this video, I dive deep into explaining what Urbit is, why it exists, and how it works. I tackle the nagging issues with the current internet structure, tracing their root cause to the early decisions made in the creation of the internet, especially the use of IP addresses and servers. I explain how Urbit, a new operating system, offers a fresh approach, addressing these issues and providing promising solutions such as eradication of surveillance capitalism with the concept of a self-owned server.

In further detail, I discuss the two core elements of Urbit: its unique operating system and its identity layer, comparing it to current internet protocols and illustrating the advantages it offers. You’ll understand how Urbit is not just another social media platform but a new functioning internet model that facilitates direct, bespoke, and secure user interactions. Whether you’re a programmer or just a curious internet user, this video seeks to unravel the complexities of Urbit and the promise it holds for a better internet.

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