In Service To Others

This is a photo I took last week as 150+ of us got ready to help Mission Arlington organize some of their stock.

My first task was moving giant pallets stacked high with food out to a truck where it made its way to families in the area.

Then I helped organize school supplies that had been donated. Over time markers and crayons and pencils and pens had all gotten jumbled up, so my art school self was in heaven sorting through piles and piles of this stuff.

There were a couple things that struck me.


Matt, the owner of the company bringing all of us in for a week long conference took time out to arrange this day. While some people may not appreciate the lesson, it is staring us in the face if you know what to see.


The obvious lesson is this: the only way that the world gets better is if we are in service to others. “How can I help the most people the fastest in a sustainable way that helps me help more people into the future?”

Answer that and you have your life’s calling.

More details about the week-long adventure coming up!

Best thoughts,

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