Ignore It Or Not?

This Friday I did two performances of my “Asheville Mind Reading Show.”

Someone at my 9pm show didn’t have a lot of fun. They gave me my first 3 star review. They signed up for TripAdvisor solely so that they could share their thoughts.

Up until this point I have only received 5 star reviews, and it was disappointing to break the streak.

What do I do? Do I just leave it? Do I argue with him?

Sidenote: I say “him” because I’m 99% sure I know who it was; the guy wearing jorts to a performance that specifically says “Dress like you’re going to the opera.” on the website. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s what I decided to do.

I thanked him for the feedback. That’s basically it. I thanked him in general for taking the time to leave a review. I then explained my approach in a single sentence. And I ended by saying that I could completely understand how he could see the show the way he did. Then thanked him again for helping me see it in a new light.

The end. Three short sentences.

No arguing. Didn’t tell him he was wrong. Didn’t try to invalidate or debate his feelings.

Simply acknowledge, address, and thank him.

That simple three step process can save you a lot of heartache.

Put it in your pocket for the next time you get a bad review!

On the other hand, if I had ignored the review, then I’m leaving the future reader to provide their own context of imagining what’s happening and they’re for sure going to assume the least charitable story.

This way I have demonstrated that I’m not exactly the way the reviewer presented me, and I reclaim the narrative.

Neat trick!

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “His ego met us before he did” Pritchard

(Yes, that was in the review!)

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