Ideas That Are Too Big To See Clearly

Sometimes there are ideas that are so fundamental that everyone assumes that everyone else knows it, but never sees the light of day because it’s not obvious.

This week’s video is about that exact concept for the personal productivity program “Obsidian.”

There’s an approach that’s so pervasive & essential that it affects how all sorts of plug-ins and shortcuts work.

But, for the longest time, I was completely unaware of it, so I was missing out on some of the best ways to use it.

Instead of letting other people flounder until they figure it out, I wanted to make an explainer that’s a bit of a gamble.

Either people will watch it and think “EVERYBODY knows this already” or “How could I have not known this?!”

Don’t think there will be much in-between.

I’m betting on more of the second type of person than the first, so here we go.

Here’s another video in the unofficial “Jonathan’s workflow” series.


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