How To Have A Personal Database Across Devices And How To Encrypt It

Obsidian is one of my favorite programs that I use every single day. It helps me keep track of my to-dos, my ideas, things I read, stuff I learn, and everything else goes in my own “digital journal / database.”

The biggest challenge I had with it?

All the files live on my computer, which is great until I want to write a note on my other computer.

We’re so used to using “the cloud” that we assume that it’s ‘just baked in.’ But, when you truly own the data, that’s a problem you get to solve.

And this is the way I solve it.

Additionally, I wanted my information to be more secure than just sitting on my harddrive. I have bank accounts, passwords, and all sorts of juicy information in my database. So, how do I keep it safe?

Encrypt the whole damn thing!

So, in the video I explain how I:

  1. Made my own personal cloud that I can use on all my devices without using anyone else’s computers.
  2. Encrypt the whole thing so it’s secure regardless of what device I use to see the database.

The meta-lesson is how to find solutions that work for you even if it takes a little bit of effort.

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