How good are you at meeting new people?

I’m curious to know if you think of yourself as a rockstar when it comes to introducing yourself & meeting new people, or are you all awkward gestures and self depreciating humor?

If you don’t think you’re great at making a fantastic first impression, is this something you’re interested in improving? Or do you think you’re forever trapped in the “that didn’t go so well” post-conversation shame spiral?

I just recently realized I’ve appeared in front of millions of people, met thousands in the autograph line, and made instant friends that I stay in touch with for years. It’s a superpower, and something that (quite frankly) surprises me since I’m intensely introverted and an Awkward Weirdo™.

So, would you ever be interested in hearing about the system I built out for myself and how I go about meeting people for the first time (in social & business situations)?

If so, let me know! Reply to this email. Hit me up on twitter. Comment in my private community. I don’t care where you do it; just be brave and put your hand up one way or the other.

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