High Impact Events

The question is, is it positive or negative impact?

Done correctly, any event you plan can help people feel appreciated, lower employee turnover, boost company buy-in, reduce liability, and foster cooperation & communication.

Done incorrectly, however, it can cost you your job.

Here’s a story a client of mine told me about an event of hers going horribly wrong. Here’s what happened:

She wanted something fun & different for the company’s end-of-year awards banquet, and she decided to book an “insult waiter” act. This is an actor or a team that dresses like the waitstaff, but intentionally spill drinks, give people the wrong meal, and all sorts of wacky mayhem.

Then, when the ceremonies start, it’s revealed that they’re actually part of act and the MC’s for the rest of the event.

The problem was, the CEO of the company didn’t know it was all an act. He couldn’t believe how rude and unprofessional the “waitstaff” was being, and he couldn’t stand how poorly they were treating his employees.

Before the gag could be announced though, the CEO decided to give the waiter a piece of his mind. He stood up in front of everyone and yelled at the actor until he was red in the face. The actor tried staying in character which only made the CEO even more angry until he was physically shaking.
It’s understandable, too! This man has given his life to this company, and as a dedicated leader, he’s not going to allow some stranger to disrespect his team.

Just imagine being in everyone’s shoes.

The actor: When do you stay in character? When do you break the show and let everyone in on it?

The CEO: You’ve just yelled at someone in front of your team. Even if it’s at a rude person, it still reflects poorly on you. Even worse when it’s revealed to a prank! You look like (and are!) the butt of a horrible joke!

The Event Planner: You made a choice that made every single person in that room incredibly uncomfortable. Not only that, this event will now live forever in the gossip mill at that company and beyond.

You’re Fired!

They all tried calming down the CEO and told him it was all a joke. Instead of laughing, the CEO fired her on the spot. Everyone was humiliated. Nobody was having a good time.

Sure, the event was unforgettable, but for all the wrong reasons!

Your Event Advisor

Not every event you’re planning will be high-stakes, but there are always pitfalls you have to avoid. That’s why I like to think of myself as an incredibly inexpensive insurance policy against those kinds of disasters.
I guarantee never to resort to political humor, risque material, edgy comedy or anything else that could reflect poorly on anyone. (And this extends off-stage, before & after the performance, too!)

Power of Connection

If you understand how valuable it is to connect with people, help them feel valued, and want to avoid the nearly infinite opportunities to botch it all, then let’s talk. I want to be your safe, dependable, and reliable choice to make your next event unforgettable. . . for all the RIGHT reasons! Sure, I might not be the cheapest act, but I can guarantee it won’t cost you your job!

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