Here’s why you’re a failure

Yesterday I talked at you about copywriting: abracadabra for life & business.

And I know what you’re thinking.

“But Jonathan, I’m not a writer!”

Yeah, I know. That’s why you’re a failure.

Ok, might be pouring it on a little thick, but it’s to make a point.

I’m not a writer either.

Or, I didn’t think so for yeaaaaaars.

In fact, I got awful grades in high school & college for my papers.

“Too casual.”

“Stop using ampersands.”
I like the way they look & I won’t stop, thank you.

“Where are your sources?”

You get the picture.


I went to college for art. Painting. For “if I could tell you about it I would have been a writer, but I make images for you to look at” painting.

That’s why I, too, resisted thinking about myself as a writer.

It seriously held me back.

What might it be doing to you?

Best thoughts,

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