Here’s The Program I Made (With Chat GPT)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this impressed. Maybe back when I saw my first Cirque show in Vegas. In 2007.

Dang. Chat GPT 4 is sliiiiiiiiiick.

Watch the video.

Little bit of context.

Sometimes I like to memorize decks of cards.

Not just the sequence.

No, that’s too easy.

I want to know it 1 through 52 by heart.

I want to know it 52 through 1 just as well.

I want you to name a card and I know what position it’s at.

I want you to name a position and I know what card is there.

I also want to instantly know what card comes before the card/position that you pick.

AND the card that comes after it.

You might think those all happen together when I memorize a deck, but they’re really each a different dimension I have to encode separately & train each specifically.


So I’ve wanted a program where I can put in a sequence of cards and have it quiz me on all that stuff.

There are some apps that do some of that, but none that do exactly what I want.

So I decided to make one even though I don’t know how to code.

And I did it in less time than it took me to make the video about it.

I got it working on my laptop, then I got it working on my website so anyone on the internet can try it out.

Mind thoroughly blown.

If you want to see what I tried first, why it didn’t work, and the couple iterations I went through before nailing it give the video a watch. I also share the link where you can give it a shot.

Whatcha waiting for? Go see what’s possible in this brave new world!






You’re still here?

Ok, let me ask: What do you want to make with it? Any fun ideas you want to try out?

I’d love to know what you’re working on.

Best thoughts,

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