Ducklings, Ping Pong Balls, and Pricing

A One Act Play

Them: How much is it going to cost?

Me: Have you ever heard about new-born ducks thinking a ping-pong ball is their mother?

Them: What are you talking about?!

Me: Yeah, it’s super weird. Ducklings are programmed to believe the first thing it sees is its mother. It’s called imprinting. Turns out they’ll imprint on a ping pong ball. Bizarre stuff.

What in the world does that have to do with us? Turns out, same thing happens with prices!

First price that you see will be the only one your brain can relate to. If I make one up on the spot right now, it will be too high and you’ll think you can’t afford it & decide not to work with me even though the real number might be way less.

If I make it up and it’s way to low, your brain will accept it and you’ll decide not to work with me when I show you the accurate price even if the value is undeniable & it’s totally worth it.

In the interest of only giving you the right information, I’m going to hold off on giving you a ballpark until I do my research to find you the right answer; not the one you want right now.

### End Scene

What do you think? Do you do something like this, or do you quote and refine? Why or why not?

I’m curious to hear your approach.

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan Pritchard

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