Don't Lose Your Color

After my mind reading shows and speaking engagements, I invariably have people say:

"You're living the dream! You get to travel the world, see all sorts of exciting places, meet incredible people, AND get paid to do it all. I can't even imagine living like that."

And they really can't imagine it. That spark of light that tells them life can be full of joy & play has been snuffed out by people who have let their own light grow dim.
This is devastating.
If you don't realize just how important living your life in all its colors is, take 8 minutes to remind yourself that you're worth it. Watch this short animated case for living life in color. A bright life is possible, and you can imagine it.
[vc_video ratio="16-9" align="center" link=""]
Just like my incredible teachers did for me, I'm going to do for you.
You have my permission to be the amazing person you know is in there.

Written & posted by Jonathan on April 7, 2017.
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