Documenting A Day On The Road

2 weeks ago I was gone for 7 days speaking at a conference & doing a college engagement.

I flew home on a Sunday, and then Monday my wife headed out for 4 days for a conference that she was speaking at.

She got home Thursday night at 10pm. 5 hours later I get up at 3am to do a show outside Des Moines Iowa.

That’s where this week’s video begins.

Fun Extra Detail: In the video you’ll see the artistic graffiti of “Mike Super.”

He & I first met each other around 2008 at a conference. We became professional acquaintances & friendly. So we’ve known each other for 15 years.

And his signature was from 7 years before that.

So, it was kind of neat to walk into a space I’ve never seen before, and see something from someone I’ve known a long time.

Guess that’s one of the joys of performing that most people never get to see.

So now you have a little more context than most people who might watch the video.


Best thoughts, ~Jonathan

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