Do you speak up for yourself?

Early in my life I saw that the people who were willing to speak up for what they want were the people who seemed to get it.

The people who didn’t share their mission & vision? They struggled to make anything happen because the right people they need had no clue they could help out.

That’s why I think ‘public speaking’ as one of the most important skills you can possibly work on.

Side note: In my head I call it “social speaking” because we human beings are social creatures, and most of the speaking we do is in a casual setting. 99% of the people who would benefit from public speaking skills rarely take the stage as a professional presenter. But they still need to talk to their coworkers / boss / investors / family / etc about big opportunities. That’s why I think calling it “public speaking” lets people ignore the work they need to put in.

Where’s the opportunity?

Public speaking for small groups, big groups, in front of a cell phone, in front of a camera for YouTube, or whatever is important, right? So where are all the opportunities to improve?

Sure, if you’re making videos you can make 50 videos and post them online.

But what if you’d like a little guidance along the way?

There’s one join in town: Toast Masters.

But it feels a little bit like a multi-level marketing scheme to me. The organization exists to churn out cookie-cutter robots of the Toast Masters shape.

I think someone should do something about it.

And I think that “someone” is me, and that “something” is start my own project.

I’m calling it “Sensational Speaker” and I’m firing up a LinkedIn group as the ‘home base.’

So if you’re interested in leveling up your persuasive speaking skills, then come join the group and let me know how I can help!

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “talks a lot” Pritchard

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