Discounts Are Disappointing

I wouldn’t say I’m angry when someone offers me a discount, but I am disappointed.

It’s a professional pride thing.

Too many salespeople think they have one tool in their kit for closing business: offer a discount.

Objection? Offer discount.

Talking about scope? Offer discount.

Checking the weather? Better offer a discount, don’t you know.

Offering discounts strangle the life out of a business.

It cuts the salesperson’s commission, so they’re paid less. It cuts the company’s profitability, so the company can accomplish less.

The ultimate result is that the client is less happy because they’re getting less for their investment.

That’s a remarkable lose-lose-lose situation.

So how about you?

Do you lead with discounts?

Might there be a better way?

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “double your price” Pritchard

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