Day 2 Of The Best Conference Ever

One of the best parts of any conference is getting to spend time with people who are 1) curious 2) passionate, and 3) wicked smart.

My mind is blown right now with the projects that speakers are sharing.

This guy at the podium is solving issues that most Web3.0 startups haven’t even recognized yet.

How do we know?

My answer: If the Web3.0 company realized what problems are waiting on them on the other side of their startup, they wouldn’t be working on the project they’re working on.

I know this is abstract, but in short the big idea is that you have to address every dimension of a problem if you want to solve it. “Fixing” only one of many issues only kicks the can down the road.

This gets me back to the guy at the podium.

His approach is to unify identity, cross-blockchain authentication, and a whole lot of other problems that crop up whenever you try to unify networking, identity, and persona/public information.

I’ll be making videos about this soon, and it’ll help you be years ahead of the curve.

Best thoughts,

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